Students practice math operations using dominos, soda cans, and playing cards.

About the Author

Karen Ferrell

A little about Karen:

"I was born and raised in Texas, and ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to be a teacher. Because I also loved to read and write stories, it seemed logical to combine these interests and become an English teacher.

After graduating from High School, I attended the University of North Texas and majored in, you guessed it, secondary education. My chosen teaching fields were English and art. Later, I changed my teaching fields to art and mathematics. People said, "Those don't go together." I knew they did, at least inside me, but eventually I switched teaching fields again, to a more logical combination, business and math. I graduated with honors, and searched for a job as a high school business teacher. No luck. So, I accepted a position as a middle school mathematics teacher in a rural school district. Twenty-nine years later, I retired from the same school district.

While teaching, I married John, had a son, Ian, and earned a Master's Degree in Secondary Education, with a minor in Computer Science. After eleven years at the middle school, I moved on to spend ten years in the Instructional Technology department. During that time, I rediscovered my love of writing.

When I returned to the classroom, this time as a high school geometry teacher, I brought my writing with me. People said, "Math and writing? Those don't go together." But this time, I didn't listen to the "people", because inside me, those things did go together. After years of balancing family, teaching, and honing my writing skills, I had three books come out within two months of each other, all dealing in some way with math. I now have twenty books to my credit including “Math It Up” with Pieces of Learning.

Math and writing? Hmmm. Maybe they do go together.

Subject Area Math
Grade Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Primary, Intermediate
Number of Pages 21
Topic / Skill math operations,math practice
Type Game
Standard NBT.1.4.,NBT.1.5.,NBT.1.6.,NBT.2.5., OA.2.1.,OA.2.2.,OA.3.8.,NBT.3.2., OA.3.5.,OA.3.7.,OA.4.3.,NBT.4.4.,NBT.4.6.,OA.5.1.
Author Karen Ferrell
From Math It Up!

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