Encourage students to think more creatively as they leap through these creative activites week-by-week. Using the monthly calendar with 8 creative activities (and graphic organizers) to accompany it, students will experience activities practicing fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration -- major components of the creative process.

About the Author

Laura Magner lives in Stone Mountain, GA where she is the 6th grade Accelerated Math and 'Super' Accelerated Math teacher for the Gwinnett County Schools in the Metro Atlanta area. She has 24 years of teaching experience including: 8 years in 3rd grade - regular education; 2 years in 4th grade - regular education; 13 years as the K-5 gifted resource teacher (including 3rd-5th Advanced Content Math); and 1 year in 6th grade - Accelerated Math. Laura has ten years serving as gifted contact teacher, overseeing testing and curriculum and guiding gifted teachers in the school, Math Content leader, Math Institute Master Trainer, and is the Gwinnett Association for Gifted Education President. She has been a national speaker since 2004, having delivered various staff development sessions specializing in differentiation, creative, and critical thinking since 2000. She has a BS Ed, ECE, from the University of Georgia, a M.Ed., ECE, from Georgia State University, and a Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction from Piedmont College. Laura is the wife of a high school band and choral director and the mother of two talented, gifted teens! She enjoys reading, sewing, relaxing at home or with friends, and traveling. She is also quite take with her two schnauzers!
Subject Area Language Arts, Writing
Grade Level 3,4,5,6,7,8, Intermediate, Middle School
Number of Pages 7
Topic / Skill creativity,creative thinking
Type Worksheet
Standard W.3.4.,W.4.4.,W.5.4.,W.6.4.,W.7.4.,W.8.4., SL.3.1.,SL.4.1.,SL.5.1.,SL.5.1.,SL.6.1., SL.7.1.,SL.8.1.,SL.3.2.,SL.4.2.,SL.5.2., SL.5.2.,SL.6.2.,SL.7.2.,SL.8.2.,SL.3.4., SL.4.4.,SL.5.4.,SL.5.4.,SL.6.4.,SL.7.4., SL.8.4.,SL.3.5.,SL.4.5.,SL.5.5.,SL.5.5., SL.6.5.,SL.7.5.,SL.8.5.
Author Laura Magner
From Creativity Calendar

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