3 codes to decipher; 2 Fallen Phrases to solve focusing on physical science concepts

About the Author

Janet Aaker Smith learned early in life in Texas that if you made good grades and were polite you could get away with otherwise outrageous behavior. She continued this pattern when she put herself through college and a Master’s degree while raising two children. For example, Janet studied for her Master's finals while parasailing in Puerto Vallarta with her equally adventuresome sisters and mother.

While pursuing her educational goals and following her passion for teaching, she worked part time at a Parks and Recreation Department, a title company, and even a baseball batting cage facility.

Eventually she taught Elementary and Middle school in Texas where the parents battled to get their kids into her gifted classes.

In 1989, Braniff failed and Janet followed her pilot husband to the state of Victoria in Australia. Modern pioneers, she and her family started over. Janet was soon lecturing at the University of Melbourne and Deakin University. She also served as Vice President of the Victorian Association for Gifted and Talented Children. However, Victoria had no state policy concerning gifted education; Janet became involved in designing the government’s new policy and implementing its initiatives.

An entrepreneur she also formed L.E.A.P., a consulting business to design and provide professional development for educators – and made it fun while they learned.

With colleagues she formed Vibrant Learning, a company dedicated to educating teachers, administrators and businesses about Learning Styles. Along the way she has written nine books: Flying in Style with Altitude, Aptitude and Attitude; Bewitched, Bedazzled and Beguiled; 90 Instructional Strategies for the Classroom and Challenging Puzzles Series: Social Studies, Science and Language Arts.

She was once sighted just sitting down!

In 2002, Janet headed back to Texas where her husband joined Southwest Airlines.

Currently, Janet is an independent educational consultant. She is also a consultant with Pieces of Learning/Creative Consultants. Her latest adventure in 2006 took her to the Middle East to help with the opening of an innovative school for special needs children in Kuwait.

Janet’s passion is teaching and learning; her loves are her husband Bruce, her grown children, Courtney and David, grandsons Gavin, Nigel, and Harlan and her 2 dogs, Scout and Maddie.

Subject Area Science
Grade Level 4,5,6,7,8,9,Intermediate, Middle School
Number of Pages 8
Topic / Skill physical science
Type Puzzle, Game
Standard L.4.3.,L.5.3.,L.6.3.,L.7.3.,L.8.3.,L.9.3.
Author Janet Smith
From Challenging Puzzles: Physical Science

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