Students use the character trait Courage for the monthly writing activity. (The topic can be used for any month of the school year.) Assignment are tiered on 6 levels. The levels may be used as a rubric. The lesson includes a discussion of the trait, questions do explore as a whole group, leterature connections to the character trait, shared, guided and modeled writing, a graphic organizer, and the writing assignments.

Subject Area Writing, Language Arts
Grade Level 3, 4, 5, 6, Intermediate, Middle School
Number of Pages 10
Topic / Skill differentiation, tiered lessons, writing prompts, scaffolding, character education, expository writing, instructional strategy,
Type Writing Assignment, Graphic Organizer, Small Group, Whole Group
Standard W.3.1., W.4.1., W.5.1., W.6.1., W.3.2., W.4.2., W.5.2., W.6.2., W.3.4., W.4.4., W.5.4., W.6.4., W.3.5., W.4.5., W.5.5., W.6.5., W.4.9., W.5.9., W.6.9.
Author Betty Burris
From Writing With Character

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