5-week format of 8 randomly selected accelerated/enrichment word problems per week. Encourages students to solve problems using a variety of strategies, but all arriving at the correct answer. The problems are coded by difficulty. They call for critical thinking, estimating, discovering patterns, as well as computation skills. The problems can be placed in centers and used as anchor activities for talented and gifted students. Work can be done individually, in partners, or in small groups. Answers are included. Critical thinking and Problem Solving; Creativity and Innovation; and Initiative and Self-direction Skills endorsed by The Partnership for 21st Century Learning skills appear in the problems. 3rd grade Common Core alignment, but many of the problems are part of the 4th grade Math CCSS.

About the Author


Barbara Vandecreek is from Beavercreek, OH where she is currently the Coordinator of Gifted Services for the Lakota Local School District. Her teaching experience includes 1 year of teaching all subject areas in grade 6, 2 years of teaching all subject areas in grade 2, 18 years as the gifted curriculum teacher for grades 1-8. She also has 10 years of experience as the Coordinator of Gifted Services.

Barbara has a B.S. in Elementary Education, an M.S. in Elementary Education, and years of continuing advanced non-degree courses.

From Barbara: "I have had the privilege of being an educator in three mid-western states (Indiana, Pennsylvania, & Ohio) that has given me a broad perspective and acceptance that learning can be successful using dif-ferent models of instruction.
My husband is a recently retired clinical psychologist who was a professor in doctoral programs and a dean of clinical psychology in a noted university.  I am the proud mother of two daughters and four grandchildren.
My passion outside of gifted education is lampworking, a process of melting glass rods and creating beautiful beads.  Lampworking is the vehicle I use to express my creative and innovation energies.

Subject Area Math
Grade Level 3, 4, Intermediate
Number of Pages 13
Topic / Skill differentiation, enrichment, gifted, critical thinking, anchor activity, problem solving, individual, partner, acceleration
Type Worksheet
Standard MP.1., MP.2., MP.4., MP.5., MP.6., MP.7., 3.OA.1., 3.OA.7., 3.OA.9., 3.NBT.2., 3.MD.1., 3.MD.4., 3.NF.3.
Author Barbara VandeCreek
From Math Rules! 3rd-4th Grade

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