7 Thematic visual and verbal creative thinking and language activities using the word "bats."

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Colene Wilson

Colene Wilson is from Rural Clarence, MO where she continues to hold two part-time jobs since retiring from full-time teaching. First as an Adult Education and Literacy Instructor at Moberly Area Community College in Moberly, MO and as an Employment Consultant for Job Point, also in Moberly. She has 4 years of experience teaching college level Psychology at Kansas City College and Bible School in Overland Park, KS, four years in Special Education (high school level) at Schuyler R-1 in Lancaster, MO, 6 years as a Gifted teacher (elementary-high school) in Queen City, MO, and 16 years as an Elementary Gifted teacher with Moberly Public Schools.

Colene has a BS in Psychology/Special Education from Northeast Missouri State University and a MA in Gifted Education from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She is married to Tom - her number one fan, has served as a prison religious volunteer since 1989, loves to photograph flowers up close, and loves to garden and pull weeds!

Subject Area Language Arts, Writing
Grade Level 3,4,5,6,7,8, Intermediate, Middle School
Number of Pages 4
Topic / Skill writing,creative thinking,gifted,anchor activity,writing prompts,word study,dictionary skills,thesaurus
Type Worksheet
Standard R.3.4.,R.4.4.,R.5.4.,R.6.4.,R.7.4.,R.8.4., R.3.7.,R.4.7.,R.5.7.,R.6.7.,R.7.7.,R.8.7., W.3.3.,W.4.3.,W.5.3.,W.6.3.,W.7.3.,W.8.3., L.3.4.,L.4.4.,L.5.4.,L.6.4.,L.7.4.,L.8.4., L.3.5.,L.4.5.,L.5.5.,L.6.5.,L.7.5.,L.8.5.
Author Colene Wilson
From Beyond Words

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